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Welcome to our Scholarship Page!

Below are the available scholarships for the KHS Class of 2018

  Please read all directions carefully as failure to complete applications correctly, and by the deadline, may result in your application not being considered for the scholarship.  

You will need to complete the FAFSA starting October 1, 2017 in order to be eligible for ANY Financial Aid, regardless of household income.

All seniors that are applying for scholarships must also fill out the student information sheet in order to have accurate information presented at scholarship night on Wednesday, June 6.  The form can be found here.

Kelso Public Schools Foundation

The Kelso Public Schools Foundation offers multiple scholarships to Kelso High School graduating seniors.  All of the below scholarships are due to the Counseling Center no later than Friday, April 13

Scholarship Name
 Criteria & Application

Anderson, Veryl and Larry ($1000)

Established by alumni and community advocates Veryl and Larry Anderson.
  • Pursuit of a degree in Music or music education
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Financial need
  • Application here.

    Baker Family (Two @ $1,000)

    Established by the Jim Baker family to recognize graduating seniors.
    • GPA between 2.5 and 3.5
    • Plan to attend LCC on a two-year program or to begin there and continue at a four-year institution
    • Recommendation from a school representative
    • Application here.

      Breakthrough ($1000)

      Established by a 2011 Kelso High graduate and recipient of a Kelso Foundation scholarship, who felt strongly about “paying it forward.”
      • Student entering a field of study in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) areas
      • Well rounded (athlete or leader in school club or work part time)
      • GPA of 3.2 or above
      • Financial need
      • Application here.

        Calhoun, E. Lucille ($900)

        Established by the estate of Lucy Calhoun, a beloved Kelso High teacher for over 35 years
        • Interest in entering a field of study in child development, nutrition culinary arts or education
        • GPA of 3.2 or above
        • Application here.

        Clark Family ($500)

        Established by the Marion and Ruth Clark family to recognize a graduate interested in entering a medically-related field of study
        • Interest in medically-related field of study
        • GPA of 3.0 or higher
        • Financial need
        • Not receiving many other scholarships
        • Application here.

            Clark, Marion Memorial ($500)

            Established by Clark family honoring Dr. Marion Clark in his love of horticulture and music.
            • Entering field of study in music or horticulture
            • GPA of 3.0 or higher
            • Financial need
            • Application here.

              Clary, Terri ($500)

              Established by Jim Clary in honor of his wife Terri, a former alumni, in lieu of a Christmas gift.
              •   Female in good academic standing, involved in school activities and community service
              • Letter from a friend that shows the loyalty of the applicant toward friends and school
              • Application here.

              Class of ‘45/Ames, Don/Vivian ($1000)

              The Ames family continues this scholarship seeking Don’s passion in vocational/technical education.
              • Attend community college, vocational or tech school and plans to enter one of the trades, i.e., mechanics, truck driving, refrigeration, instrumentation, welding or firefighting
              • Application here.

              Class of ‘45/Armstrong, Colleene Cottenoir ($1,000)

              Colleen’s passion for music and performing arts continue under her guidance in the presentation of this scholarship.
              • Financial need
              • School activities and community service
              • Preference given to student interested in studying music or the performing arts
              • Application here.

                Class of ‘45/Bailey, Vronia ($1,000)

                Established as a memorial by the class of ’45 in honor of her high school involvement.

                • Financial need
                • Vocational or technical
                • School activities and community service will be considered
                • Application here.

                  Class of ‘45/Chinn, Willard ($1,000)

                  Established by the Class of ’45 and named for Willard honoring his involvement during their high school years.
                  • Career in the area of physical science or medicine
                  • Consideration given for school activities, community service
                  • Financial need
                  • Application here.

                    Class of ‘45/Jabusch, Tommy ($1,000)

                    Established by the Class of ’45, this memorial scholarship honors Tommy’s years of dedication as a teacher with physical impairments.
                    •   Student seeking degree in education who distinguishes him/herself despite a physical impairment or handicap
                    • Activities in school
                    • Financial need
                    • (Note: If no candidate qualifies for the physical impairment or handicap criteria , consideration would be given to the best candidate seeking a career in education.)
                    • Application here.

                        Class of ‘45/Laakso, Al ($1,000)

                        Memorial established for Al’s athletic and leadership abilities.
                        • Leader in school
                        • Participated in athletics during high school
                        • Application here.

                        Class of ‘45/St Onge, Alan ($1,000)

                        This memorial was established by the class in honor of Alan’s football triumphs.
                        •  Athletic ability
                        • Interest in the Arts
                        • Application here.

                        Class of ’52 ($800)

                        Established by the Class of ’52 to recognize the working student.
                        • GPA of 2.5 to 3.0
                        • Financial need
                        • Preference given to a working student
                        • Application here.

                          Class of ‘66 (Two at $1000)

                          Established by the Class of ’66, in honor of their 50th class reunion in an effort to give back to their alma mater.
                          •  Significant financial need
                          • GPA of 3.25 and above
                          • Application here.

                          Cummings, Maurice and Betty ($500)

                          Established by family and friends—Maurice was a Class of ‘34 graduate and Betty was a long-time employee of the KSD as an instructional assistant.
                          • Commitment to academics
                          • High work ethic and integrity
                          • Participated on a varsity basketball team
                          • Application here.

                            Dennis, Roy/Class of ’48 ($1,100)

                            Memory of Roy Dennis, beloved principal of the Class of ’48.
                            • Financial need
                            • Desire to pursue an education—either academic or vocational student
                            • Personal essay
                            • Application here.

                              Dykstra, Robert (Class of ’54) ($1,000)

                              Established by Robert in an effort to support students of Kelso High and their interest in furthering their education.
                              •  Financial need
                              • Average GPA
                              • Struggle to complete high school
                              • Desire to attend college
                              • Letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor
                              • Application here.

                                    Elms, Jack ($500)

                                    Teacher, coach, principal and district financial officer for many years. Served as treasurer and financial wizard for the Foundation in its beginning years—instrumental in moving the board to the high level of functionality it is today.

                                    •  Former Huntington Middle School student
                                    • Definite financial need
                                    • Application here.

                                    Express Employment ($1,000)

                                    Established by a local business, Express Employment Services honors students seeking employment in any of the industrial “hard” trades. (Note: This scholarship may be divided into multiple recipients.)
                                    •  Attend community college, vocational or tech school and plans to enter one of the trades, i.e., mechanics, construction, plumbing, electrical, instrumentation, welding and/or any “hard” trade
                                    • Application here.

                                    Hamm, Lori Annette Memorial ($600)

                                    Established by the family in memory of their daughter, Lori, a 1988 graduate who died in the summer of 2006. Lori was injured in an auto accident in the spring of ’88 and through hard work and effort, overcame serious injuries to graduate from Kelso High in December 1988 and went on to graduate from LCC.
                                    • Citizenship, school spirit and willingness to help others
                                    • Special consideration given to financial need
                                    • Application here.

                                    Hilander Hall of Fame/Kaiser Permanente (Two @ $2,500—one female/one male)

                                    Established by Kaiser Permanente in honor of Dan Wagster’s retirement. Dan was a graduate of the Class of ’45 and was Sr. Vice President of Kaiser Permanente Health/ Hospitals.
                                    • High academic achievement
                                    • Excels in athletics and/or the arts; extracurricular activities in school and community
                                    • Demonstrates good leadership and citizenship

                                    Hopkins, Virgil ($500)

                                    This endowed scholarship was established by the estate of Virgil Hopkins, a former Kelso High School English, foreign language and choral music instructor.
                                    •   Interest in entering the field of English, foreign language or vocal music
                                    • Personal statement about “Why I feel qualified to receive this scholarship.”
                                    • Application here.

                                    Huntington ($1,000)

                                    Established by the staff of HMS in honor of Elaine Cockrell’s retirement. The Cockrell family has maintained this scholarship in her honor.
                                    •  Attended Huntington three years
                                    • Financial need
                                    • Overcome hardship to graduate
                                    • Preference given to a Huntington Promise recipient
                                    • Application here.
                                         Jabusch Family Memorial ($3000)
                                        Established in memory of Susan Jabusch Grotjohn, Roy Jabusch, Alice Jabusch, Mike Jabusch, Lory Jabusch Hendricks and all future Jabusch descendent memorials.
                                        •  Lives in Rose Valley community or regularly attends RV Friends Church, Sunday school, or Youth Group
                                        • Character, desire, need, scholastic ability, and quality of application will be considered
                                        • Plan to attend a four-year college, community college, trade or business school
                                        • Application here.

                                        Joslin, Ron and Dot ($1,000)

                                        Established by Ron and Dot Joslin, retired Kelso School District instructors. Ron specialized in music and fine arts and Dot specialized in math and science.
                                        • Vocational training at a community college, trade school or vocational program—school activities should reflect those interests- Application here.
                                        • Mathematics or science—school activities should reflect those interests Application here.
                                        • Music and/or Fine Arts—school activities should reflect those interests. Application here.

                                        Kelso Eagles Auxiliary (1,000)

                                        Sponsored by the Ladies of the Kelso Eagles Auxiliary.
                                        •   Financial need
                                        • Desire to continue education
                                        • Application here.

                                        Vern King ($600)

                                        Established by family and friends to honor Vern’s contribution as teacher/administrator to the education of students in Kelso, especially Barnes Elementary.
                                        • Service to school and community
                                        • Financial need
                                        • Average GPA
                                        • Preference given to a Barnes Elementary student
                                        • Application here.

                                            Kingsley, Rosemary ($700)

                                            Established as a memorial by the Kingsley family. Rose worked many years as a para educator at Beacon Hill Elementary.
                                            •   Attended Beacon Hill Elementary School
                                            • Interested in attending community college, university or vocational/ technical training program
                                            • Interest and ability to be successful in educational pursuit beyond high school
                                            • Application here.

                                              Kiwanis/Dr. Herron Memorial ($1,200)

                                              Established by Kelso Kiwanis in memory of Dr. Thomas Herron, who practiced osteopathic medicine in Kelso.
                                              •   Financial need
                                              • Academic performance with school activities, awards and voluntary community service considered
                                              • Application here.

                                              Klawitter, Charles (Chuck) and Anita ($1000)

                                              Established in memory of Chuck and Anita who were Kelso alumni and community advocates.
                                              •   Attending LCC
                                              • Recommendation from a counselor or teacher in a vocational area
                                              • Commitment to pursue an education
                                              • Personal statement of need
                                              • Application here.

                                                  Laufman, Marlene Worley ($950)

                                                  Established in her memory by Marlene’s family. Marlene graduated from Kelso in ‘56 as a top student and a Scotty majorette.
                                                  •   Interest in education in STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics)
                                                  • Interest in teaching
                                                  • Application here.

                                                  Living Educator/Kathy Williamson ($1450)

                                                  Established by the KPSF in honor of a living Kelso School District educator.
                                                  •  Pursue degree in education
                                                  • Application here.

                                                  Long, Kate ($4,000)

                                                  Established by the estate of Kate Long, beloved teacher who taught social studies and contemporary world problems for over 30 years at KHS.
                                                  •   Interest in international relations or politics, history or liberal arts
                                                  • Financial need
                                                  • Academic performance, school and community activities
                                                  • Renewable scholarship follows for three years
                                                  • Application here.

                                                      Lyons, Mike /Class of ’58 ($750)

                                                      Established by the Class of ’58 in memory of classmate Mike Lyons who died of injuries sustained in football during his senior year at Kelso High.
                                                      •   High personal standards
                                                      • Christian attitude toward others
                                                      • Letter of recommendation from a friend, teacher, counselor or coach required
                                                      • Application here.

                                                        Mathis, Ernestine ($500)

                                                        Established in memorium by the niece and family of Ernestine Mathis.
                                                        •  Interest in the field of Art or Computer Technology
                                                        • Application here.

                                                        McCool Living Trust ($1,000- each)

                                                        Rich McCool, graduate of the Class of ‘57, established this scholarship to honor his years in the construction business.
                                                        • (1) Scholarship to a student with interest in the area of construction tech or construction trades.  Application here.
                                                        • (1) Scholarship to a student with interest in the area of nursing who has been involved in the school/community and has a 2.75 GPA or higher. Application here.

                                                        Moore, Lois (Two @ $6,500)

                                                        Established in 1994 by Maxwell (Max) and Lois Moore. Max was a local business owner and Lois served on the Kelso school board for a number of years.
                                                        • Pursuit of career in education
                                                        • Good citizenship in school and community
                                                        • GPA of 2.75 or above
                                                        • Financial need
                                                        • Application here.

                                                        Moore, Max (Two at $6,500)

                                                        Established in 1994 by Maxwell (Max) and Lois Moore. Max was a local business owner and Lois served on the Kelso school board for a number of years.
                                                        •   Pursuit of degree in vocational/professional area
                                                        • Good citizenship in school and community
                                                        • GPA of 2.75 or above
                                                        • Financial need
                                                        • Application here.

                                                        Murphy, Gordon and Pauline ($500)

                                                        Established by the family of Gordon and Pauline Murphy, Kelso community activists and school patrons.
                                                        •   Financial need
                                                        • Academic success and service to others
                                                        • Special consideration to students who attended Wallace Elementary
                                                        • Application here.

                                                          Piper, Walt and Marty ($1,100)

                                                          Established by the Piper family honoring their contributions to the culture and education of Kelso students. Walt taught math and coached at Kelso High for many years. Mary was a great supporter of the education and activities of Kelso students.
                                                          •   GPA of 2.5 to 3.3
                                                          • Contribution to school through athletics or school service
                                                          • Personal letter and a letter of recommendation from either a coach or a teacher explaining the contributions made by the student
                                                          • Application here.

                                                            Roberts, Rick ($1000)

                                                            Established by the family of Rick Roberts honoring his years of announcing KLOG radio play-by-play for many Kelso sports. Rick coined the phrase, “Scottie Dogs! You Gotta Love It!”
                                                            •   Participation in high school athletics
                                                            • Financial need
                                                            • Good GPA
                                                            • Determination to complete education
                                                            • Preference given to sports other than football
                                                            • Application here.

                                                                  Roberts-Bergman, Sharon (Two @ $2,000) – One Male/One Female

                                                                  Established by Sharon Roberts Bergman, a ‘61 graduate of KHS.
                                                                  •   Loyalty to friends, school and community
                                                                  • Two letters of recommendation from two (2) friends
                                                                  • Application here.

                                                                  Rose Valley PTO ($500)

                                                                  Established by the Rose Valley PTO honoring a Rose Valley student.
                                                                  • Attended Rose Valley Elementary
                                                                  • Application here.

                                                                  Saville, Mike and Linda ($500)

                                                                  Established in 1983 by Mike Saville in memory of his wife Linda. The name was changed by family in 2013 in memory of their parents to the Mike and Linda Saville Scholarship.
                                                                  •   Interest in entering a health-related field
                                                                  • GPA of 3.2 or above
                                                                  • Financial need
                                                                  • Application here.

                                                                    Schleif Family (Six @ $1,100)

                                                                    Six scholarships established by Gil Schleif, former KSD Superintendent--three in the name of Patricia Eddy (daughter of Gil/Ruth Schleif) and three in the name of his wife Ruth.

                                                                    • Open criteria
                                                                    • Application here.

                                                                    Schloss, Betty ($500)

                                                                    Established by family and friends at Butler Acres Elementary in memory of her years of teaching in Kelso School District.
                                                                    •  Pursuit of degree in education
                                                                    • Application here.

                                                                    Schroeder, Emmett ($1,200)

                                                                    Established by the family and friends in memory of “Mutt” Schroeder, teacher, coach, administrator and friend of the Kelso community.
                                                                    •   Must be an athlete of a local family
                                                                    • High academic achievement, excellent citizenship and exhibit hard work and a seriousness of purpose
                                                                    • Application here.

                                                                    Skerbeck Family (Two at $1000 each)

                                                                    Established by the Skerbeck family honoring Carrie Skerbeck’s special memories of Kelso school years.
                                                                    •   Financial need
                                                                    • Good GPA
                                                                    • Recommendation from a school representative
                                                                    • Application here.

                                                                      Stover, Chuck (Class of ’37) (Four @ $2,000)

                                                                      Established by the estate of Chuck Stover, an advocate of the KPSF and Kelso High scholarships.
                                                                      • Open criteria
                                                                      • Application here.

                                                                      Vandecar Family ($600)

                                                                      Established by the Vandecar family in 2014 in memory of their parents.
                                                                      •   GPA of 3.0 or above and determined to further education
                                                                      • Personal letter of educational goals
                                                                      • Application here.

                                                                      Walworth, Frieda/Wallace ($500)

                                                                      Established by the Wallace staff and continued by the Walworth family in memory of Frieda Walworth, a Wallace school volunteer.
                                                                      • Attended Wallace Elementary
                                                                      • Application here.

                                                                      Zmrhal, Randy and Linda ($500)

                                                                      Established in 2014 by Randy and Linda Zmrhal to honor a student graduating from Kelso High School.
                                                                      •   Interest in studying computer information systems/computer science in a college of business or engineering
                                                                      • GPA of 3.1 or above
                                                                      • Financial need
                                                                      • Qualities of integrity, initiative and leadership as indicated by activities and recommendations
                                                                      • Preference given to a Rose Valley student
                                                                      • Application here.

                                                                            *** $$ Amount of Scholarships are subject to change based on KPSF Audit***

                                                                            Kelso Community 2017-18 Scholarships

                                                                            Kelso High School facilitates the scholarship process for our generous community donors.  These scholarship applications will be available here as we receive the information.  For more information, see Mrs. Dalton (Ms. Albin) in the counseling center.

                                                                            Scholarship Name
                                                                            *Updated as received
                                                                            Altrusa International- for LCC Technical Education
                                                                             Students enrolling at LCC during the 2018-19 school year in a 2 year technical program for a specific trade, manufacturing, or industry field are eligible to apply for this $1000 scholarship.  The application is here.
                                                                             Altrusa International
                                                                             $1400 for students attending LCC for the 2018-19 school year.  Award may be renewable upt to three years.  The application is here.
                                                                             American Legion Post 155 Scholarship
                                                                             (2) $500 scholarships to the children of active duty United States Military personnel, National Guard/Reservists, or Veterans whoe were discharge under honorable conditions.  Students must be attending an accredited institution of higher education in the fall.  The application is here.
                                                                             Andrew J. Shields Memorial Scholarship (Community Foundation of Southwest Washington)
                                                                             Scholarship available to a graduating senior who has been enrolled in a Fire Cadet program during high school.  Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA  and plan to conitune their education at a college, university, technical or career school.  Applications can be found at
                                                                             Beta Sigma Phi 
                                                                             $850 to a high school senior that is intending to go into the health field.  Applicants must show a financial need and an established goal in the health field.  The application is here.
                                                                             Butler Acres Alumni Scholarship
                                                                             A scholarship is available to students that attended Butler Acres for at least one year who are a graduating senior from the Class of '18.  The application can be found here.
                                                                             Carrolls Elementary PTO
                                                                             (1) $1000 scholarship for a senior with a 3.0 GPA or higher that attended Carrolls Elementary for at least 2 years.  The application is here.
                                                                             Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma/Pat Sawyer Memorial Scholarship
                                                                             $500 to a female student intending to study education after high school.  The application can be found here.
                                                                             Cowlitz Valley Runners Scholarship
                                                                             Two- $500 awards to Cowlitz County seniors who have participated in track and/or cross country on a high school team for at least 3 years.  Applicants will be considered based on character, academic achievement, service, and athletic accomplishment.  Application is here.
                                                                             Dick Streissguth Memorial Cadet Scholarship (Community Foundation of Southwest Washington)
                                                                             $1500 to a graduating senior or college student who has completed or will complete any Fire Cadet Program in Cowlitz county.  Applications can be found at
                                                                             Friends of St.John Scholarship
                                                                             Scholarship available to seniors with a 2.8 GPA or higher that are going into the medical field.  The application can be found here.
                                                                            Gerald Bergquist Scholarship for Kelso High School (Community Foundation of SW Washington)
                                                                            $1,500 to a senior with a minimum 3.0 GPA who is invloved in athletics at Kelso High School.  Application is here.
                                                                             Hilander Dental Scholarship
                                                                             Scholarships are available to graduating seniors from Kelso High school who are Hilander Dental patients OR are planning on attending a college/university/or trade program in a dentistry related field.  The application is here.
                                                                             Hokulani Washington Fund (Community Foundation of Southwest Washington)
                                                                              $3,000 for seniors with a 2.95-3.45 GPA who are continuing their education at a liberal arts school in 2018-19.  Preference is given to first generation students.  Application is here.
                                                                             Kelso Cheer Booster Scholarship
                                                                             (4)- $500 Scholarships to graduating KHS seniors who cheered at least one complete season at KHS.  Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher with plans to pursue further education after high school.  The application is here.
                                                                             Kelso Downtown Quarterback Club
                                                                             (5) Scholarships ranging in value from $500- $1000 for graduating seniors who participated in Hilander Football last fall.  The application is here.
                                                                             Kelso Dugout Club Scholarship
                                                                             $250 Scholarships to students who participated in Kelso High School baseball.  Application is here.
                                                                             Kelso Eagles-Robert V Larson Scholarship
                                                                             2- $1000 awards to one male and one female student intending to go into a trade or apprentice program. Application information is here.
                                                                             Kelso Education Association
                                                                             3- $500 Scholarships available to students pursuing a career in Education.  Application is here.
                                                                             Kelso Garden Club Scholarship
                                                                             $500 Scholarship to a graduating senior who plans to pursue a career in the field of Horticulture (agriculture, botany, conservation, environmental science, etc).  The application is here.
                                                                             Kelso High Volleybal Booster Club
                                                                             Scholarships ranging from $150-350 to graduating seniors who participated in KHS Volleyball during the Fall 2017 season.  The application can be found here.
                                                                             Kelso Lions Club Scholarship
                                                                             Four- $1500 scholarships for seniors planning on attending college in the fall.  Scholarship preference may be given to students planning to attend Lower Columbia College.  Application is here.
                                                                             Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce
                                                                             Awards for a graduating senior with a 3.25 GPA or higher.  More information and applications can be found at
                                                                             Kelso Recreation Council Scholarship
                                                                             Award based on academic performance and financial need to a graduating senior.  Involvement with school activities and community service are also considered.  The application can be found here
                                                                             Kelso Rotary Scholarships
                                                                             Kelso Rotary offers two scholarship programs to graduating seniors.  The Rotary Vocational Scholarship is available to students planning to attend a two-year vocational or technical program in the fall.  The Rotary Merit Scholarship is available to students planning to attend a college or university in the fall that have notable achievements in scholarship, leadership, athletics, dramatics, literature, and community service.

                                                                            Applications can be found below:
                                                                             Kelso Youth Baseball- Ryan Wolf Memorial Scholarship
                                                                             $500 for a former player or volunteer of Kelso Youth Baseball.  Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher, have player or volunteered at least one season with Kelso Youth Baseball, and be attending college or trade school upon graduation from Kelso High School.  The application is here.
                                                                             Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship
                                                                             $1000 scholarship to an applicant that has served as a member of Key Club during their senior year.  Applications will be evaluated based on financial need, academic progress, and community/key club involvement.  Applications found here.
                                                                             Longview-Kelso Early Bird Lions Club Scholarship
                                                                             Scholarship for a senior planning on attending a college, university, or trade school to earn a two or four year degree.  Students must show financial need.  The application can be found here.
                                                                             Lower Columbia Contractors Association
                                                                             Scholarships for students intending to pursue studies at a college or vocational/tech school in a building industry related field: Engineering, Architecture, Drafting, Industrial Design, Carpentry, Electrician, Plumbing, Construction Management.  Instructions can be found here.
                                                                             Lower Columbia School Retirees Assocation
                                                                             $1000 for graduating seniors interested in a career in education (teacher, counselor, speech therapist, librarian) or seeking vocational training.  Applicants must have a 3.2 GPA or higher. The application can be found here.
                                                                             P.E.O. Scholarship
                                                                             PEO offers scholarships to female applicants planning to further their education.  Applications require a short essay and transcript- emphasis is placed on community activities and long term goals.  Applications can be found here and must be returned to the KHS Counseling Center.
                                                                             PSE of Kelso Chapter #1
                                                                             $500 scholarships to seniors planning on attending a higher education institution and who have at least one parent/grandparent as a member of PSE Kelso Chapter 1.  The application is here.
                                                                             Red Canoe Credit Union Scholarships
                                                                             Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher who are a member at Red Canoe Credit Union are eligible to apply for one of 18 awards.  Awards range from $1,000-$3,000 and are available to students attending college or a vocational program in the fall of 2018.  The application is here or at
                                                                             Robert and Margaret Pulliam Scholarship (Community Foundation of Southwest Washington)
                                                                              $6,000 to a senior from a Cowlitz Co. High School for academic excellence and community service.  Application is here.
                                                                             Scottish Rite FreeMasonry- Jim Davies Scholarship
                                                                             Scholarship to a graduating KHS Senior.  Priority is given to a Junior Masonic Award Winner.  Application can be found here.
                                                                             Southern Washington Mineralogical Society Scholarship
                                                                             $750 To a student from Cowlitz County who plans on entering a career in geology, earth science, environmental science, forestry, archaeology hydrology, engineering, physics, or science education.  Applications can be found here and must be mailed in to the Scholarship Secretary.
                                                                             TwinStar Community Foundation High School Scholarship Program
                                                                             $2,000 to a graduating senior who is a member of TwinStar Credit Union.  Application can be found here and must be turned in or mailed to a TwinStar branch.
                                                                            Recipients of the Kelso Public Schools Foundation and the Kelso Community Scholarships will be recognized at our Scholarship Night on Wednesday, June 6 @ 6:30pm in the KHS South Gym.

                                                                            2017-18 Miscellaneous Scholarship Links

                                                                            Below are links to other scholarship opportunities that are local, statewide, and nationwide.  Kelso High School is not responsible for these scholarship applications- any questions should be directed to the organization listed below.

                                                                            Scholarship Name
                                                                             Deadline *updated as received
                                                                            Quest Bridge
                                                                              The Quest Bridge National College Match connect outstanding low income high school seniors with full four-year scholarship.  Need to be in the top 5-10%, score 1240 (SAT) and 28 (ACT).  Apply online at
                                                                             AES Engineering
                                                                             AES Engineering is pleased to be able to continue offering scholarships to motivated students to help in the furthering of their education.  Visit to learn more.
                                                                             Elks National Most Valuable Student Scholarship
                                                                             The Elks National Foundation will award 500 four-year scholarships.  This scholarship contest is open to any high shcool senior who is a US Citizen.  Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.  Apply online at
                                                                             Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship
                                                                             Scholarships are awarded in the amounts of $2000, $5000, or $10000 to an area high school senior.  Students must register and select a nominator at the links listed on
                                                                             Register by 12/6/17
                                                                            Submit by 12/13/17
                                                                             Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation
                                                                             The Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation Scholarship will be available Oct. 1st.  Students can register to be notified when they open.  More informaiton and application can be found at
                                                                             Horatio Alger Association
                                                                             The Horatio Alger Association offers National, State, Career & Technical, and miscellaneous targeted scholarships.  See for more information.
                                                                             Ready Set Grad!
                                                                             Provides multiple links to scholarships and Washington State Financial Aid Programs at
                                                                             Careers that Work!
                                                                              The Careers That Work! scholarship program provides tuition assistance for high school graduates pursuing education at participating private career colleges. The scholarship program makes available five $1000 tuition scholarships to all public and private high schools in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. For more information go to
                                                                            See your counselor
                                                                             Fastweb is an online search engine that accesses national scholarships.  Visit for more information.
                                                                             FREE scholarship matching site for Washington State high school students.  You must create an account here.
                                                                             Animation Career Review
                                                                             $1000 for a student pursuing an animation related degree in college.  More information can be found here.
                                                                             Fashion Schools
                                                                             $1000 for a student pursuing a fashion degree in college.  More information here.
                                                                             Online MBA Report
                                                                             $1000 for a student pursuing a business degree.  More information at
                                                                             Better Business Bureau- Students of Integrity Scholarship
                                                                             $10,000 to a student with a 3.0 GPA planning to attend trade school, community college, or 4-year college.  To apply, fill out the application and create a 90 second YouTube video that meets criteria.  All information is at
                                                                             10 Scholarship programs for class of 2018 students.  Links to the applications can be found at
                                                                             AED Superstore
                                                                             $1000 College Scholarship for students that submit an essay or video about Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Automated External Defribrillators.  Information can be found at this link.
                                                                             College Success Foundation
                                                                             Multiple Scholarships including:
                                                                            • Governor's Scholarship- students in foster care
                                                                            • Leadership 1000- 2.75 GPA or higher
                                                                            • Washington Opportunity Scholarship- STEM major (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
                                                                            Applications at:
                                                                             Jan-Feb 2018
                                                                             NAVPA Scholarship
                                                                             For veterans or dependents of veterans/service members.  Apply at
                                                                             Jan 2018
                                                                             Point Foundation
                                                                             LGBTQ persons enrolling at a 4-year college for Fall 2018.  Apply at
                                                                             Jan 2018
                                                                             PRIDE Foundation
                                                                            LGBTQ persons or allies living in Washington.  Apply at 
                                                                             Jan 2018
                                                                             ACT Student Champion Award
                                                                             $500 to a student who has overcome challenges, has clear educational goals, scored higher than a 22 on the ACT, and has a 3.0 or higher GPA.  Apply at 
                                                                             Points Scholarship
                                                                             Ten $10,000 awards are available to US legal residents that will enroll in college in the United States.  To apply, click here.
                                                                             Stephen J. Brady "Stop Hunger" Scholarships
                                                                             Five $5,000 awards to students that have demonstrated ongoing committment to their community by volunteering their time to impact hunger.  Applications can be found here.
                                                                             AXA Achievement Scholarships
                                                                             Fifty Two $25,000 Awards to a US legal resident who plans on attending two or four year college full-time in the fall.  Applications are here.
                                                                             Easton/NFAA Scholarship Program
                                                                             Five $5,000 awards available to high school seniors applying for full time admission at a two or four year college, or technical school.  Apply here.
                                                                             Harris Poll Scholarship
                                                                             (1) $1,000 Award to a US legal resident over the age of 13.  Applications can be found here.
                                                                             VIP Scholarship
                                                                             (1) $5,000 Award for students that complete entries prior to 11:59pm on the deadline.  More information can be found here.
                                                                             Union Plus Scholarship
                                                                             (100) $4,000 Awards for children of a union member.  For mor details and application, click here.
                                                                             $2,500 Award in addition to scholarship search tools can be found here.
                                                                             Association of Computer Professionals in Education
                                                                             $2,000 scholarships for Oregon and Washington high school seniors who have been actively involved in technology programs at their high school.  Students should also be purusing a technology related career.  Online applications can be found at 
                                                                             Merle Kirkley Merit Scholarship
                                                                             $3,000 scholarship for Washington State High School students planning to go into a field related to educational facility planning: school planning, architecture, engineering, product services, & construction management.  Application information can be found here or at under the Washington Chapter section.
                                                                             Lighthouse Guild Scholarship
                                                                             Ten $10,000 scholarships available to college-bound high school students who are legally blind.  Applications can be found at
                                                                             Building Industry Assocation of Washington
                                                                             Scholarships available to students pursing a degree in the construction industry or other technical/trade degree.  The application can be found here or at
                                                                             Lower Columbia College
                                                                             Scholarships for potential LCC students ranging in amount from $500-$5,000.  Applications open February 1 with varying deadlines.  In order to complete an application, students must have completed 1) FAFSA or WASFA 2) LCC apllication for admission and 3)the scholarship application.  Applications can be found at
                                                                             Washington State School Retirees' Association
                                                                             Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher who are hoping to work in the field of education (teacher, counselor, speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist). Applications can be found at
                                                                             Cowlitz Indian Tribe Tuition Assistance
                                                                             Tuition assistance is available to Cowlitz members attending college or trade school during 2018-19.  Applications can be found at
                                                                             As Soon As Possible
                                                                             Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
                                                                             Two scholarship programs to assist students who are children of Marines and/or Navy Corpsmen for College or Career training.  The application can be found at
                                                                             Mahin and Saifulla Salemy Scientific Scholarship
                                                                             Two- $1000 scholarships are available for high school seniors that will be attending a 4 year or community college in the fall.  Students must have an interest in the sciences.  Apply at
                                                                             Young & Bold Scholarship 
                                                                             Three- $1000 scholarships available for high school students planning on continuing their education.  Instructions can be found here.